“Do I Have Tendonitis In My Wrist?”

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Wrist tendonitis is a common cause of wrist pain…and it could also be caused by many other things. One of the most common problems is carpal tunnel syndrome.

Do I have tendonitis in my wrist…or carpal tunnel…or a sprain…or…

Tendonitis is a medical word to describe a tendon that’s inflamed. A tendon is the end of a muscle that actually attaches to bone so that muscle contraction can move the bone.

Tendonitis can be caused by a direct injury to the tendon. But it is more common that tendonitis develops over time with usage.

The perspective that is taken in nearly all medical discussion of tendonitis is looking at the pulling on the tendon by the muscle, causing damage to the tendon where it attaches to the bone. What I’d like to do is turn that perspective around and give you a different way of looking at tendonitis.

Wrist and hand deeper palmar dissection-en

There is an optimal way in which the bones fit together, like a jig-saw puzzle. With that optimal structure, there is less stress on the tendons when the muscles pull on the bones.

But when the jig-saw pieces become mildly misaligned, the tension on the tendons increases and tendonitis becomes more probable. Are you still asking “Do I have tendonitis in my wrist?”

The medical treatment of tendonitis focuses on relaxing muscles, reducing inflamation and reducing the movements that may be contributing to the tension on the inflamed tendons. But the healthy alignment of the 27 bones in the wrist and hand are nearly never addressed.

“Do I have tendonitis in my wrist?” The best way to find out is to get a proper evaluation.

Only a specially trained hand and foot chiropractor is likely to make the gentle corrections necessary to restore healthy alignment to the small bones in your wrist. If alignment of these bones is causing additional tension on your tendons, the only way to truly cure the tendonitis in your wrist is to restore the bones to their optimal position.

If you are near the Independence, MO, area call me at (816) 252-1587 to see if I can help you.  If you are outside of this area, find a chiropractor with special training in treating wrist tendonitis at the directory of the Chiropractic Hand And Foot Clinics of America website.

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