About Dr Bryan Baker – The Hand And Foot Chiropractor In Independence MO

Photo of Dr. Baker

About Dr Bryan Baker: He was born and raised here in Independence, MO.

His family utilized chiropractic regularly for many conditions while he was growing up. Dr. Baker’s first personal chiropractic experience was due to foot pain when he was 9 years old. A wonderful and caring older female doctor, named Dr. Gladys Shiner, successfully relieved his foot problem with no drugs or surgery. Even as a young child, he loved the personal and non-clinical atmosphere at this simple chiropractic home office.

About Dr Bryan Baker: High School In Independence, MO

He attended high school at Tri-City Christian High School locally. He was class president his senior year, 1978.

About Dr Bryan Baker: Undergraduate Years

While attending Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC, he attended summer classes back home at UMKC, Longview and Penn Valley. This allowed him to complete a 4 year BS degree (Accounting) in 3 years. At Bob Jones University, Dr. Baker was awarded The Wall Street Journal Award for having the top gpa in his class. He graduated summa cum laude, with a perfect 4.0 gpa in 1981.

Before Chiropractic

His first accounting job was with Price Waterhouse, a prestigious CPA firm, in Kansas City, MO. Later, he spent several years in financial management with the Security Benefit Group of Companies in Topeka, KS. He met success in the accounting industry, but he continued his connection to chiropractic by occasional treatment.

Chiropractic Calls

In 1989, Dr. Baker decided to leave the accounting business and return to school in order to become a chiropractor. This was a big change. Many people did not understand the change. It turned out to be a truly life altering decision. He graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 1993 and began 20 years of practicing chiropractic around the world.

This profession has allowed him to travel the world and experience the people in many cultures. He learned Spanish while practicing for 5 years in Costa Rica and Italian while practicing 15 years in Italy. He has worked closely with medical specialists, mainly orthopedists and neurosurgeons. He has substantial experience treating patients with severe acute disc herniations, as well as patients for whom disc surgery had been unsuccessful.

About Dr Bryan Baker: Independence, MO, And Chiropractic

Upon his return to Independence, MO, he decided to participate in a fellowship training program with Chiropractic Hand And Foot Clinics of America in order to increase his skill in treating hand and foot pain. This program is taught by Dr. Robert Fenell, a featured presenter for hand and foot pain on eHow.com. He is also has numerous videos available online as an About.com hand and foot pain presenter.

Dr. Baker is committed to maintaining communication with his patients here in Independence, MO. He welcomes contact through the chat box on this site, as well as by telephone. He is always willing to provide a consultation at no charge in order to determine whether or not he believes he can help you with your particular situation. Call today at (816) 252-1587.