Why Does My Hand Go Numb?

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“Why does my hand go numb?” is a common question in my office.

If your hand goes numb frequently, it can be really scary.

Numbness in your hand is often caused by the stretching or compression of the nerves that travel through your wrist on the way to your hand. If that is true for you, the only way to relieve the numbness in your hands is to correct the position of the bones in your wrist to take the pressure off of the nerves.

In this video, I’ll show you pictures of the bones of your wrist and hand so that you can better understand.

This idea is a bit different than you’ve probably heard about. Most doctors focus on the nerves or tendons, but they don’t really think about the small bones in the wrist. Many doctors don’t even realize the importance of the position and alignment of the wrist bones.

If your hand goes numb, the small bones in your wrist could be slightly misaligned. This happens because of falls, or just because of the stress you put on your hands and wrists while working or playing. Swinging a hammer, holding a baby or typing at your computer for long periods.

The good news is that these misalignments can usually be corrected without medicine or surgery.

Mobility of your wrist is very important. Because your wrist is not in a fixed position, it’s really easy for the little bones to lose their normal positions.

Why does my hand go numb? Look to your wrist.

Hand tingling and numbness can often be caused by compressed nerves in the wrist. Adjusting the position of the small bones of your wrist can relieve the pressure from the nerves.

You need a chiropractor who is trained to treat your condition. I recommend that you find a chiropractor that has been trained by the Chiropractic Hand And Foot Clinics of America.

If you’re near Independence, MO, give me a call at (816) 252-1587 to find out if I can help you get rid of the tingling in your hands and fingers.

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