Fallen Arch Pain: Relieve Pain From Flat Feet Without Orthotics

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Fallen arch pain is common.

Fallen arch pain, a common cause of foot pain, is frequently treated with orthotics. But the pain from fallen arches can often be relieved…or even corrected by chiropractic adjustments to the bones in the ankle and the heel instead.

The arch of the foot is supported by proper positioning of the 2 bones in the ankle. An ankle sprain or other stresses can slightly misalign the ankle and allow the arch to fall. That change in position can stretch or compress the sensitive tissues and nerves in the foot, causing pain.

Orthotics can act as a brace for flat feet and can provide temporary relief from some foot pain. But orthotics don’t return the structure of the foot to it’s normal position or alignment, they just provide support while you wear them.

Fallen arch pain: Adult Flatfoot.JPG
Adult Flatfoot” by DrvgaikwadOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

A properly trained chiropractor should restore more appropriate alignment to the ankle before orthotics are considered. Many times, the orthotic is no longer necessary after the correction of the ankle alignment is completed.

Fallen arch pain may be relieved with chiropractic adjustments of the feet.

Gentle manual movements are used to restore more healthy alignment of the ankle bones. This relieves the pain and also allows your foot to be more healthy.

If you have fallen arch pain, get your feet evaluated by a chiropractor who is specially trained in the treatment of fallen arches.

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