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Fallen Arch Pain: Relieve Pain From Flat Feet Without Orthotics

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Fallen arch pain is common. Fallen arch pain, a common cause of foot pain, is frequently treated with orthotics. But the pain from fallen arches can often be relieved…or even corrected by chiropractic adjustments to the bones in the ankle and the heel instead. The arch of the foot is supported by proper positioning of… Read more

Why Does My Hand Go Numb?

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“Why does my hand go numb?” is a common question in my office. If your hand goes numb frequently, it can be really scary. Numbness in your hand is often caused by the stretching or compression of the nerves that travel through your wrist on the way to your hand. If that is true for… Read more

“Do I Have Tendonitis In My Wrist?”

Wrist tendonitis is a common cause of wrist pain…and it could also be caused by many other things. One of the most common problems is carpal tunnel syndrome. Do I have tendonitis in my wrist…or carpal tunnel…or a sprain…or… Tendonitis is a medical word to describe a tendon that’s inflamed. A tendon is the end… Read more

Why Are My Fingers Going Numb?

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Why are my fingers going numb? is a question that can reflect a pretty scary experience. Many things can cause your fingers to go numb or feel tingly or asleep. Here are some general considerations to help you decide how to decide what to do. Are all fingers in both hands going numb? If so… Read more

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: New Treatment Options!

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treatment alternatives. Do you have a diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome? Or are you afraid that you might have carpal tunnel syndrome? Maybe other people who perform the same type of job that you do may have submitted to carpal tunnel surgery. But is surgery the only option for relief from carpal… Read more

Low Back Pain Mystery Clarified By Independence MO Chiropractor

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Low Back Pain Causes People To Seek Chiropractic Treatment In Independence MO Low back pain is probably the most common symptom that causes people to seek help from a chiropractor. Dr. Bryan Baker, founder of the Spine Hand And Foot Clinic, is a chiropractor in Independence, MO. In this series of videos, Dr. Baker puts… Read more

Toe Pain Due To Foot Pronation May Not Require Orthotics

Dr. Robert Fenell

How to Correct Foot Pronation —powered by eHow.com Toe Pain Can Be Caused By Excessive Foot Pronation may not require orthotics Foot pronation happens when your foot turns inward too much when you walk. The stress and strain on the foot and especially the toes is more than normal and can cause foot or toe… Read more

Fallen Arches Can Cause Back Pain During And After Pregnancy

Dr. Robert Fenell

Fallen arches can cause back pain during and after pregnancy…and result in chronic back problems. Pregnant women frequently suffer from back pain during pregnancy. This can occur because the hormones that she produces during pregnancy loosen the ligaments and cause instability in the joints of the back. But those hormones also cause loosening in the… Read more

Relieve Hand Pain Or Tingling

Dr. Robert Fenell

How to Reduce Hand Pain or Tingling —powered by eHow.com Relieve Hand Pain or Tingling…what are the causes? Relieve hand pain or tingling by truly understanding the cause. Hand pain or tingling usually occurs when the muscles, tendons, ligaments or nerves of the hand become stretched, inflamed or irritated. Understanding the causes can help you… Read more

Welcome From Your Chiropractor In Independence, MO

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Please feel free to use the live chat button at the bottom right side of this page. If I’m available, we can talk now. Or you can always use the Contact page or call the office at (816) 252-1587. Independence, MO, Chiropractic Office Below are some photos of the outside and the inside of the… Read more