Fallen Arches Can Cause Back Pain During And After Pregnancy

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Fallen arches can cause back pain during and after pregnancy…and result in chronic back problems.

Pregnant women frequently suffer from back pain during pregnancy. This can occur because the hormones that she produces during pregnancy loosen the ligaments and cause instability in the joints of the back. But those hormones also cause loosening in the ligaments throughout the body…including the foot.

When the ligaments of the feet become loose, the arches can flatten or “fall”. After the birth, the ligaments can regain their normal stability, but the structure of the arch of the foot can remain flat. And many women continue to suffer chronic back pain long after the ligaments have stabilized.

Fallen Arches Can be corrected by Chiropractic Adjustment

In this video, a chiropractic hand and foot expert, Dr. Robert Fenell, discusses fallen arches and why it is important to correct the foot structure by chiropractic foot adjustment. Healthy feet require the arch for flexibility and shock absorption. If your arch falls, your back will absorb trauma that should have been absorbed by the feet and can cause chronic back problems.

Fallen Arches Can Be Corrected By Orthotics, Right?

Fallen arches are not truly corrected by orthotics. Orthotics do relieve the pressure on the foot, but they do not restore the foot to normal. Chiropractic adjustment of the foot should be applied to restore flat arches as close as possible to normal BEFORE forming the orthotic. An orthotic that supports a healthy foot is much more effective than an orthotic placed under a flat foot.

Your chiropractor in Independence can use chiropractic treatment to correct fallen arches.

Pregnancy is just one cause of fallen arches and chronic back pain. Fallen arches from many causes can often be restored to normal by proper chiropractic treatment of the feet and arches. Not every chiropractor provides treatment for fallen arches, but your Hand And Foot Chiropractor here in Independence, MO, does.

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Stephen Canuel January 28, 2014, 1:55 am

Dr. Baker you are a wonderful chiropractor for offering this treatment to those women who are pregnant. I have been treating women with low back pain from pregnancy for many years and I have to tell you when I began treating their feet/fallen arches it made a significant difference. keep up the excellent work!

Bryan Baker January 28, 2014, 2:01 am

Thanks Dr. Canuel. Great to hear from you. I always envy your great weather there in Melbourne, Fl. I saw that you recently wrote an article along the same line…giving more depth to the mechanics of the foot itself. Hope you don’t mind if I post the link to your article here because I think the same folks who read this article would benefit from reading your explanation of plantar fasciitis.