Toe Pain Due To Foot Pronation May Not Require Orthotics

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Toe Pain Can Be Caused By Excessive Foot Pronation may not require orthotics

Foot pronation happens when your foot turns inward too much when you walk. The stress and strain on the foot and especially the toes is more than normal and can cause foot or toe pain. In the video below, Dr. Robert Fennel, founder of the Chiropractic Hand And Foot Clinics of America, uses a foot model to show how foot pronation causes toe pain.

Orthotics Can Help Relieve Toe Pain From Foot Pronation

Orthotics are a common treatment to attempt to reduce excessive foot pronation and to relieve toe pain. Orthotics can be an effective treatment for toe pain. But you may not want to wear orthotics in every shoe…for the rest of your life. Gentle chiropractic manipulation can be applied to actually correct the structure of the foot. This can correct foot pronation, relieve toe pain and even eliminate the need to wear orthotics.

Orthotics Are Often Too Bothersome For Toe Pain Sufferers.

Orthotics frequently get worn out and are not replaced. Or people sometimes just get frustrated and quit wearing their orthotics. Custom orthotics can also be very expensive to replace. Women’s shoes are particularly difficult to wear with orthotics. So many people just decide to live with toe pain instead of wearing orthotics regularly.

Your Chiropractor In Independence, MO, Is Specially Trained To Correct Foot Pronation Without Orthotics.

Chiropractic manipulation of the 2 bones just at the base of the ankle often corrects foot pronation. Once that correction is made, you will walk more normally and the toe pain will be relieved. If you wear foot orthotics or have been prescribed orthotics, you might be able to quit wearing them after the proper corrections are made to your feet by a properly trained chiropractor in Independence.

Call Dr. Baker now at (816) 252-1587 to see of your toe pain might be relieved by chiropractic treatment instead of wearing foot orthotics.

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