Relieve Hand Pain Or Tingling

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How to Reduce Hand Pain or Tingling
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Relieve Hand Pain or Tingling…what are the causes?

Relieve hand pain or tingling by truly understanding the cause. Hand pain or tingling usually occurs when the muscles, tendons, ligaments or nerves of the hand become stretched, inflamed or irritated. Understanding the causes can help you to decide the best ways for you to relieve your hand pain or tingling.

In this video, Dr. Robert Fenell demonstrates some simple things you can do to relieve your hand pain or tingling by reducing the tension in the muscles and tendons of your hand. Ice can reduce inflammation and self-massage can help to reduce tension.

Why do tendons and muscles of the hand get irritated?

There are 27 small bones in each of your hands that can become slightly misaligned, causing the stretching and irritation of the tendons in your hand. Sometimes this occurs from a fall or an injury such as a car crash. Other times, it occurs because of the way you have to hold your wrist over time at work…at the computer or holding a shovel, for example.

An Independence MO Chiropractor Could Help Relieve Hand Pain or Tingling

A chiropractor in Independence could help relieve the cause of your hand pain or numbness by gently correcting the position of the small bones that are causing the irritation, pain and tingling. Try the suggestions on the video first. If your hand pain continues, call Dr. Baker, your hand and foot chiropractor in Independence, MO.

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Stephen Canuel January 28, 2014, 1:57 am

If you are experiencing hand pain or tingling in the hands I recommend you see Dr. Baker. He is a wonderful physician who can help.